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Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Reinvented Around Me #MeetYours

windows 8 phone My favorite new tech gadget has got to be my new Windows 8 phone, I’l admit it took some getting used to but I really like it. One of my favorite things about my Windows 8 phone is that it works just like my Windows 8 HP ENVY Touchsmart PC. I like that everything I use the most is easy to get to. As you can see on my screen I have my email, navigation, text and camera right on top. I’d say  use that the most. Facebook is larger and it displays latest statues and things that have been commented on. I also have Foursquare, Twitter and my Internet Explorer. My music is also easy to get to while I’m on my runs. I need my music to be seamless and easy and my Windows 8 pone has done that.  It also syncs with my husbands xbox live account so I can also manage my music and downloads through xbox. I like that Microsoft has really made it simple for me to sync all of our most used devices together. windows 8 phone msuic  If you check out the bottom on my Start screen you’ll see I have my photos, my calendar and my ME tile. What’s great about the me tile is that I can see any new updates waiting for me, or I can easily post a status update.   windows 8 phone  You can see how easy it is to post an update, which I say is one of the main reasons I use my phone. windows 8 phone  I also like how when my screen is locked I can still see what’s going on with my phone. If I’m running I can change the song, see if I got a new email, a text or phone call. Plus I can show off all those cute photos I take with my phone!   windows 8 phone    As far as apps go I like how personalized my Facebook is. The tiles are what makes my Windows 8 phone so special. Here you can see the photos of mine on Facebook. The Facebook app is streamlined and easy to use. I have 4G everywhere I go and have taken this phone on a few trips now. It works where and when I need it to and I can use all of my apps anywhere. facebook  Since my phone has been so personalized I found a fun app called the How We Met  app. You easily use your Facebook page to see details about you and your friends on Facebook. I don’t know about you but I think it’s ffun to look back and see all of thethings we’ve done together so I started with my sister Amanda.

      I got to add details about when we originally met and had space to tell a story. how we met2  After picking the color and adding in some additional details I had a fun way of sharing with Amanda all of our interactions. You’ll see an adorable photo of us as children. You’ll also see my daughter with my niece. You can go on to explore other parts and see photos and highlights. It’s funny when I see posts and things we said two and three years ago. I love that with the app and Facebook you see the highlights. how we met 3     

Check out the  How We Met app today! 

Life is busy, we all find ways to make the most out of our time.

The new Windows Phone is reinvented around you including features like Live Tiles, Live Apps, Kid’s Corner, and SkyDrive, making it easy for you to personalize your phone how you want it. Now it is easier than ever to stay in touch with what matters most.


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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Microsoft Windows Phone 8. The opinions and text are all mine.