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guardNOW Security Guards for your everyday needs

guardNOW Security Guards for your everyday needs
To start off the new year of 2013 correctly, security guard companies want to ensure your safety needs at the top of the year!
“What safety guidelines do I need to know?”
The number one way to always stay safe is to PREPARE YOURSELF. Mapping out your year as it starts will ensure control over your home, family, work and social life. As well as being prepared, being cautious is a major factor, wherever you are being aware of the security you have around you. Security guards and Private security should always be in eye sight, to assure your needs. With the world we live in seeing tragedies monthly, the safety of you and your family should be on the top of your list.
How can guardNOW help me?
Most security companies cannot accommodate household needs, our customers feel safe wherever they are because of the wide variety of services guardNOW offers.
Security Guard Services Offered
    • Security Guard Services: Any time Day or Night
    • Full Workers Compensation Insurance
    • Open 7 Days a Week, 24 hours a day
    • Professional Trained Officers
Services at a Glance:
    •Event security services
    •Personal Escorts
    •Moving open house and foreclosure security services
    •Pest Control
    •Disaster and crime response
    •Construction and maintenance
    •Conventions and conferences
    •Gaming and sporting events
    •All Special Events
There are security companies all over the globe but guardNOW was created to specifically help where you may least expect you need one. As well as ensuring personal safety better than other security companies, guardNOW’s 2013 motto is to bring the safety factor back into America. Welcome to 2013 and stay safe from guardNOW!

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  1. Security Canberra on January 30, 2013 at 2:00 am

    Sounds Pretty Good. Awesome Post and nowadays security guards are essential for day to day life 🙂