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Family Life – Christmas 2012

kaila brooklin mia christmas 2012I’ll admit I’m really late in writing this post. In fact, it’s been a month since Christmas. We left the day after Christmas on a big road trip and life feels like it’s finally getting settled down. I have to write up my year in review post still  so I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come. I made a commitment to myself to set deadlines and meet them last year and I was successful in doing so. It’s easy to remember deadlines but forget about my family journal – the reason this blog even started.

This year I was thrilled when we hosted Christmas dinner at our house. I realized how small our downstairs was trying to navigate with 20 people filling the room. I had a wonderful Christmas. Our family gave us plenty of goodies for our trip which was exactly what we wanted. I also got a beautiful diamond tennis bracelet. I cried while opening it, and even now I have a hard time taking it off. I always wanted a beautiful bracelet t cherish and I finally have it. I seem to love all my jewelry to death meaning I love it and wear it so often it falls apart so I’m going to try and lightly love my new bracelet.

It was Mia’s first Christmas so it was a lot of fun seeing a new baby having so much fun. She just started crawling so it was cute trying to see her crawl around and play with all the presents. Brooklin is 3 this year so she finally understood Christmas. Kaila had fun writing to Santa and putting out treats. She also helped with decorating and baking and my hope is that her Christmas is as magical as I remember my Christmases as a child.


brooklin christmas 2012

brooklin christmas 2012brooklin kaila mia


Of course Christmas is all about the details and I had a lot of fun planning dinner.

christmas 2012 drink displaychristmas 2012christmas 2012

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  1. Jennifer @ Mom Spotted on January 28, 2013 at 11:22 am

    Looks like a great time to be had. Your girls are so adorable!