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Checking Out 1800Lighting.com For Our Home Lighting Needs

We had the chance to do a review of Capitol Lighting 1800LIGHTING and were given a credit and used it to order the Adesso 5033 Eternity Energy Smart 37 Inch Desk Lamp. They offer much more than just desk lighting they also offer ceiling lighting, lamps, wall lights, outdoor lighting, ceiling fans, bulbs, home decor and much more.
Searching is easy with their categories setup with sub categories to help you along your search even if you are not sure of exactly what kind of home lighting you are looking for. We were seriously torn on what to choose, since they had so many great items but decided on a desk lamp. After browsing we decided on a simple desk lamp with an LED and that was adjustable and had a good reach. They had a lot of options that were easy to browse when it came to searching.

The Adesso 5033 Eternity desk lamp was a great choice. We are currently using it in our room as a side table and reading lamp since it has a long flexible arm. However we may just use it for a desk lamp, no matter it is a nice lamp.
Check out 1-800-LIGHTING for a lot of choices and easy and some free shipping options!