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Nintendo 3DS Kid Games: Wreck-it Ralph, Bratz Fashion Boutique, The Trash Pack

Activision has come out with some great kid titles just in time for the holidays coming up. With Kaila and Brooklin both being little gamers, we are always on the lookout for games that they can both have some fun with.

With Kaila getting older, she has taken on so many new games that give her a new challenge. Her coordination has matured, she can read, she has fun with games and especially her Nintendo 3DS. All these titles are rated E for everyone.

Disney’s new hit Movie Wreck-It Ralph for the Nintendo 3DS has come to the handheld console in the 3D format. Playing as Ralph and handy Felix, they pick up where the movie ends off making their way through animated scenes right from the movie. Help Ralph and Felix fight off an army of Cy-bugs and earn the recognition Ralph deserves. It is the classic side scroller with upgrades and adventures to conquer.

Kaila is all for games that she can relate to her real life. While she may not agree with the Bratz term, she likes fashion. Bratz Fashion Boutique for the Nintendo 3DS lets you play as your favorite Bratz and run your very own Fashion Shop. She gets to create outfits and then work to sell them along with other accessories and bling. And then to top it all off, show off by putting on trendy fashion shows! This is the ultimate fashion game!

Kaila has collected a few of those little Trash Pack figurines so I thought it was funny when I saw that they had come to the video game screen. The Trash Pack: The Gross Gang In Your Garbage for the Nintendo 3DS is an online version of collecting and keeping a collection of over 160 Trashies. Playing as 30 of the different Trash Pack characters through 4 mini-games is how you get those new Thrashies. It is a very simple game which is good for Brooklin, plus she thinks they are funny!


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  1. shelly peterson on December 21, 2012 at 3:53 am

    Fun games, my son would like the Wreck-It Ralph game for sure