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How Knowing My Triggers Is Helping Me Manage My Migraines

Since downloading and starting to track my migraines in the Excedrin® Migraine My Migraine Triggers ™ app I have noticed a big difference in my health. In fact I’ve noticed that I’m learning new behaviors so that I won’t trigger a migraine.

The app is available for free on iTunes and allows migraine sufferers to track the causes of their migraines and send detailed reports to doctors, enabling more effective communication and diagnosis. When you load the app you can insert basic information like where your pain is and what you ate during the day. I’ll often found if I haven’t had enough water or shipped a meal or two that my migraines become much worse. Stress and anxiety are also big factors. I also know environmental changes will also set off a migraine.

By drinking more water and not skipping meals I am already noticing a difference in my migraines. I have had a few bad days but I have also found I am having more good days.

I really do use products like Excedrin® Migraine and find it to be the most helpful when my migraines are at their worst. I also have found that the Excedrin® Migraine My Migraine Triggers ™ app is helping me to find what works for me so if you get migraines you know how it feels. Track your symptoms and remedies with the new app.

By tracking the triggers I have found success but I can also share this information with my doctor so we can work together. I am so glad that I had the chance to partner with Excedrin as a brand ambassador.

Don’t forget you too can download the My Migraine Triggers app for FREE!  Also stay in touch with the brand and visit the Excedrin Facebook page and follow Excedrin on Twitter.

I am an Excedrin® Migraine brand ambassador. One iPod Touch to test the app was provided by Novartis Consumer Health, Inc., the makers of Excedrin® Migraine; my journey for a migraine-free experience is my own.


  1. shelly peterson on December 22, 2012 at 1:03 pm

    Awesone, I’m glad this app is helping you out and you have been feeling better! 🙂

  2. joanna garcia on December 22, 2012 at 7:05 am

    oh wow i did not know that not drinking water and eating less triggered migraines! My mom always complains of this i will let her know of this app! How awesome! glad it helped reduce yours!