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Holiday Gift Guide: NERF Nightvision Camcorder

The New NERF Nightvision camcorder turns nighttime and anytime for that matter into more fun. This camcorder looks like a special spy agent piece of gear but is a real functional camcorder that also has real nightvision! NERF is at it again making something new!

Kaila and Brooklin have been having fun chasing each other around and hiding while the other seeks the other out in the dark. It has LED/IR lights on the front that glow and light up red when in nigh vision mode and includes a rubber eyepiece for comfort and rubber caps for the lenses, because after all it is a piece of sophisticated equipment.

The NERF Nightvision camcorder was made in part with Vivitar, so it has quality camera internals, and includes 4x zoom magnification, high and lower quality resolution for recording, playback on the LCD screen, camera and video modes and more. It can record up to 50 feet in the dark. It includes a SD memory card slot for extra video and weighs less than a lb and features a 1 year warranty.

Would make a great last minute gift!



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  1. shelly peterson on December 24, 2012 at 6:39 pm

    This is pretty cool and my son for sure would love!