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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For Men – Powerful LED Lenser Headlamps & Flashlights

I use flashlights and lighting for all kinds of uses. From working on a car, to doing something in the house, to camping and hiking, having lighting is essential. I have a LED Lenser flashlight that I got more than 3 years ago and really use it for everything. It is small, powerful and doesn’t use batteries excessively.

When Kristin was able to get me a LED Lenser H7 headlamp for review I was happy. I have a headlamp I used, but it is not something I liked because it’s light beam was not sharp and clear and it was bulky.

The LED Lenser headlamp however is everything I need in a headlamp. It is lightweight and the 3 AAA battery powerpack is positioned on the back of the head strap so it is not front heavy. But what is great is the lamp unit. It is a nicely machined crafted unit and the beam is adjustable in size and brightness. The light beam is very sharp and can be super sharp and bright with a max light output of 155 lumens which can reach more than 500 feet, making it great for camping and hiking. They also make a rechargeable model and bigger and bright models.

This is by far one of my favorite lights to have around, because it requires no hands and its comfortable.

The LED Lenser P3 ASF P is a powerful little mini-flashlight that is small enough to fit as a keychain, yet bright enough to function as a full-size unit. It has a maximum of 75 lumens for 1 hour on 1 AAA battery. This little guy can reach 400 ft and is water resistant. It has a fine focus adjustment and is sharp and bright.

Both lights are small size and great to keep in the car or they can make great stocking stuffers.

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  1. shelly peterson on December 20, 2012 at 5:18 am

    My son in law does a lot of car/home repair and would love both of these for sure!