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Holiday Gift Guide: Tech Gifts – Nike+ Kinect Training For Xbox

nike kinect training xbox shot

Microsoft has come out with a new title that will keep you busy! Nike Plus Kinect is a new title that not only is a fitness and workout game, but incorporates the Nike Plus technology. Nike Plus technology allows your shoes to talk with a Nike Plus device which we use our iPod Touch. But taking it to the Xbox 360 is great for those rainy days coming up plus it makes it fun with the family. I am still working at getting more of my friends onto Xbox Live.

Nike Plus for the Xbox 360 Kinect allows you to do some personal training, but with then Kinect tracking you, a Nike trainer can help to tailor your workout to better hit those points of focus. Nike and Microsoft teamed and have been working for 3 years to give a precise tracked workout and training game.

What makes Nike + Kinect unique is their addition of 2 professional trainers used by Nike themselves. Marie Purvis or Alex Molden are both real-life master trainers at Nike who’ve trained many athletes including NBA stars and Olympic gold medalists. They will push and motivate you like a real trainer in real life while you earn NikeFuel and track and analyze your progress by physically tracking your movements with the Kinect.

And for those who like to take the action online, Nike Plus Kinect is designed for Xbox Live gameplay. From exercises of all kinds to games that anyone can enjoy, Nike Plus has something for all levels of activity. Nike + Kinect works with the other Nike + accessories like the Nike FuelBand in keeping all your collected fuel points from all your Nike Plus platforms through the Nike + server.

I received this game to review and I hope with my Nike’s on I can help shed some of this extra baby weight. If you’re looking for a good gift this holiday we recommend this game for the fitness lover!


  1. Christine Wooldridge on December 4, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    i love the kinect games

  2. Eileen on November 21, 2012 at 2:18 am

    I have a son who was in football but taking off the winter for sports before baseball starts in spring. He is expected to “work out” and keep in shape but is only 15 and not always able to get to the school weight room…no license yet and due to health, I can’t drive much. SO, this would be great for him. I think would be cool to compete with friends.

    and, of course it would not kill hubby to try this out. I could see this being a great dad and son bonding thing. Put the COD away and get some sweat on. GREAT idea! But is this only for Xbox? I’d have to see if can use for a different unit like PS2. or Wii?

    Thanks much!