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Win $25,000 From Ebay With The 100 Millionth App Sweepstakes

Selling on ebay has never been easier! I love the ebay mobile app because in just minutes I can list items around my home for sale. Just snap a picture, upload, add details and shipping info and you’re selling your unwanted items. As a mom the ebay app just makes my life easier. My kids gently use most things like toys, tech items and clothes. Especially with a new baby in the house what will I do with all this extra baby gear? Ebay makes it easy to get rid of all the extra stuff.

Right now ebay is celebrating the 100 millionth app sale with a huge sweepstakes!

How to enter: Anyone who lists an item between Sept. 5-14 via the eBay Mobile app is entered to win $25,000. New listers need to follow this exact link to get registered and download the app.


I am a compensated member of the ebay parent panel but a long time user and seller on the popular site.