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PNC Bank – S Is For Savings

With all the discussion these days about spending and saving, it is important that our children have an idea of finances at a young age. We give our daughters ways to earn money, but saving it and figuring out what to do with it will be what helps her be responsible with money as she gets old.

PNC has created the ‘S’ is for Savings program that is geared for children ages 3 to 5 and up to 8 years old. It is an online banking program that features animations and videos from Sesame Street Characters. It gives family and friends a way to give kids some cash and allows the kids to be tech savvy managing it. Our kids are already on our computers and tablets being inquisitive of them, so this is something that would allow them play with tech and learn something important.

Children interact with virtual jars filled with money. They can set asides amounts for savings and for purchasing goals plus the Cookie Monster is there to help. Family can also setup direct money transfers for gifts.

‘S’ is for Savings provides a learning center which includes activities and video clips featuring their favorite Sesame Characters. Lessons and concepts include needs versus wants, patience & saving, helping to earn and more. And it is all personalized with the child’s name along with an auto savings tool to help your child start a savings routine.  You get to also create a special login for your children while interest starts on minimums of just $1. It is free (for those under 18 years) with just a $25 opening deposit.

Instructions are based on a bilingual media kit created for PNC. The kit includes an original Sesame Street DVD with Elmo, Cookie Monster and their friends. The kit also included is a children’s activity book and additional materials. PNC plans to distribute 1 million kits all for FREE!  All bilingual kits will be available at PNC Bank branches, pncgrowupgreat.com, and sesamestreet.org/save.


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