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MAM Baby Anti-Colic Bottle and Perfect Pacifier

We recently were sent two products to check out, both products from Mam. The MAM Baby Anti-Colic Bottle and Perfect Pacifier thanks to our collaboration with Team Mom.

The MAM Perfect Pacifier made with Dento-Flex® was created in response to independent scientific and medical research that shows that there is a correlation between soother usage and baby’s jaw and teeth development. Thanks to Dento-Flex®, the MAM Perfect Pacifier’s nipple neck is 60% thinner so that nothing gets in the way of healthy dental development. Made of smooth silicone. BPA, PVC and phthalate free.

We were also sent the Mam anti colic bottles.

The vented base ensures babies can drink quietly and relaxed: Ventilation holes regulate the pressure balance. The milk can flow evenly – without bubbles, without foaming. Simply relaxed. With the Anti-Colic bottle babies feel relaxed and happy from day one. This is because they don’t swallow any air while drinking. And this makes the switch between Mum and MAM particularly easy.

With Silk Teat – no other silicone feels softer

The silk teat is thanks to a development from the MAM Design Studio: Special technology makes the outer surface of the silicone silky-soft. An innovation that babies can feel – all MAM silicone pacifiers, bottles and nipple shields (for short term breastfeeding help) are equipped with the MAM Silk Teat®. Babies love the smart Silk Teat® because it feels so soft and familiar, like mother’s skin. This makes the switch between bottle and breast especially easy. And little ones can relax from day one.

Perfect for a mom who breastfeeds but I also know that when I am away my baby will take my pumped milk.

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  1. Christine Wooldridge on December 13, 2012 at 11:42 pm

    Mia is so sweet