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Family Friendly Decorating Ideas

For many families with kids, the dream of a beautifully decorated home is just that…a dream.  While it may seem impossible to have a sense of style at home when there are little ones afoot, by following a few simple tips parents can create an environment that’s both stylish and family-friendly.

Durability can be chic

Go for fabrics, furniture and wall and floor coverings that are as durable as they are beautiful.  Leather, denim, twill and ultra suede are just a few smart upholstery choices.  Swap floor-sweeping drapes for bamboo blinds on windows, which are easy to clean and safer for little ones.  When it comes to floors, anything that can be cleaned easily and quickly with a damp mop is good for high-traffic areas—think ceramic tile, laminate or hardwood.  For living spaces, look for flooring made from tough materials like sisal, jute or wool.  Those on a budget can read more information by clicking here to find out about money-saving wholesale carpet.

It’s a wash

Washable slipcovers and wall paint are true life-savers for families.  They not only look great and hold up well to just about anything kids will dish out, but they take a lot of the stress and worry out of decorating a family home.  Spilled juice on the loveseat?  Just pull the slipcover off and toss it in the wash.  Muddy handprints on the living room wall?  A wet sponge on a wipeable surface has the mess gone in minutes.

Fuss-free furniture

Living with children is not for the faint-hearted.  Every soft surface becomes a trampoline, every item within reach will be reached for and nothing ever seems to stay in its rightful place.  The key to designing a great home where kids will feel comfortable is to keep the fuss at a minimum.  Choose more rustic vintage pieces or sturdy contemporary items that will outlast the kids.  Furniture with a slightly weathered look will only get better as it ages along with children.  Avoid using anything too high-maintenance such as tablecloths, furniture with skirting along the bottom, fancy throw pillows or ornate window treatments.  The goal is to create spaces that appear lived in yet stylish, even when they’re not in pristine order.

Make kids feel welcome

Don’t be afraid of pattern, color and texture.  There are plenty of ways to embrace a more lighthearted palate without creating a home that looks like a preschool classroom.  Bold patterns on flooring and furniture can help camouflage stains, while vibrant color and touchable texture on walls or accessories can help kids feel more comfortable in grown-up spaces.

Get real

The ultimate key to decorating a home for the family is to consider how that family really lives.  Be realistic about kids’ ages, interaction, household rules and the particular demands of family life.  This will be different for each family, but can play a huge part in how to move forward with a design concept.  Giving kids some ownership over design choices—within reason—can go a long way in creating harmonious spaces that everybody can enjoy.


  1. Christine Wooldridge on December 4, 2012 at 1:02 pm

    great tips

  2. Ben Dickson on September 26, 2012 at 11:40 pm


    I think decorating is also an important thing that a family gets right, if they want to make their children happy. I think using designs such as kids wall stickers is a great idea when decorating your little one’s rooms because as children grow older, what they like most changes and it’s much easier to remove wall stickers, rather than re-decorating the whole room. What do you think?