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The CarBot – Robot Toy Car Controlled by Smartphoneâ

This holiday season the tech toys will be seen like never before! One of the newest tech toy that I think any tech lover will enjoy is the CarBot. You control this adorable rechargeable toy car with your smartphone.

World’s 1st micro-robotic toy that navigates mazes, avoids obstacles, and is fully controllable by your iDevice or Android phone!

  • Toy car that incorporates mobile applications to be fully controllable by iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, also compatible with Android phone
  • Battle mode allows multiple players to battle via infrared and disable opponents car with fire and boost button
  • Personality mode entertains crowds and the CarBot autonomously goes crazy drifting, speeding and spinning with lights and sounds
  • Maze mode allows players to set up obstacles, while CarBot uses IR sensors to detect mazes and navigate around them with military precision
  • Drift™ Race mode allows player to race car at full speed with or without added sound effects
  • Retractable USB charger built into body of the product, 40 minutes of charge = 25 minutes of play
  • Each color (orange, blue, red, and green) operates on own frequency, allowing for multi-player racing and battling

Available at: Toys R Us for $29.99


We were sent this adorable toy car to review and my husband thinks it’s a lot of fun. My girls also think it’s really fun and the app is really easy to use! We can see this being a hit with any kid who likes techy toys!

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  1. shelly peterson on August 28, 2012 at 11:51 pm

    Wow the things they come up with these days, this is pretty cool!