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Microsoft’s Top 5 Back-to-School Tech Guide – With Easy Windows 8 Upgrade

Going back to school now might be a little different from when we remember. Gone are the days of carrying the hippest Trapper Keeper to stay cool. Now students stay current by carrying the hippest devices. While seemingly overwhelming, there’s an easy method to make sure students get what they need  buying devices with legitimate Windows 7 software installed. Students buying a new Windows PC worth $699 or more by September 9 can get a free Xbox, along with a $15 upgrade to Windows 8 when it lands later this year.

Dating back to pre-historic times (The 1980s), the coolest kids in school have all had one thing in common: Technology. Whether it was Zack Morris (Cell phone) or Marty McFly (Hoverboard), this trend still holds true all of these years later.

With the upcoming school year just around the corner, Microsoft is showcasing its Top 5 Back-to-School Tech Products, including:

1. Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone Available in black, white, blue and now pink, this powerful, yet lightweight, phone is fast enough to keep students up with their social lives. For $49.99, high school and college students alike can enjoy top features, including: amazing photos, movies, games and more.

2.  PC & Xbox 360 Promotion Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure? With the purchase of a new Windows PC for $699 or more, students can enjoy time away from writing term papers with a free Xbox 360. Top PCs include: the thin, powerful Dell XPS 13, the beautifully designed HP ENVY 15 with thumping Beats Audio, and the ultra-sleek Samsung Series 5.

3.  ASUS Zenbook Ultrabook UX31 Razor-thin edges, a curved center section and new Rose Gold color provides beauty and strength in complete balance and harmony. This is a great resource for college students looking to take notes or enjoy some downtime at their local coffee shop.

4.  Arc Touch Mouse The first mouse designed to flatten for portability and curve for comfort, the Arc Touch Mouse won’t get worn out by repeated use. For only $59.95, students can simply slip it in their bag (or even pocket) as they’re running from class to class.

5.  Microsoft LifeCam Studio HD Webcam For those college students that get homesick, there’s a solution. The Microsoft LifeCam Studio HD Webcam will help students stay connected with their friends and family back home with a high-powered Skype-Certified LifeCam Studio that features all the latest and greatest features to offer a superior interactive experience. A great investment at $99.95, this offers students a more practical way to stay in touch rather than burning through their wallets at the gas pump.

Back to school shopping has never been easier!