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Make Money Online! Sell on eBay!

ebay parent panel bannerAs we and our kids get older, we always come across stuff that just is not used anymore. Whether it’s things from the garage, to the kids wanting to rid of things to get the things they really want EBay is a great place to start to sell your items because its free and it has the reach of the entire country.


The good thing about eBay is that you can list those items that someone somewhere out there wants. With the ease of shipping options, sometimes its it worth the effort to sell something online and ship it out. Especially when it comes to electronics and other items that you want to get the most dollars for.


eBay allows you to list items for free, and only pay if they sell unless you add other options prior to listing, like highlighted listings, special posting features and other ways. Many times when dealing with say a garage sale or someone local is they may offer you lower than your asking price because they know you want to sell what you have and they are in the market to buy what you’re looking to part with. So by reaching more people the potential to get more money is real.


Ebay allows you to reach out to a bigger audience of potential buyers to ask for more than what some may offer. And even if you only get a little more than what was offered, you get more money and someone saves some money, it’s a win all around plus you build up your feedback which then makes people willing to buy your items based on how honest you are.


We also like to buy things off of Ebay, but selling from the convenience of your home to people who want what you don’t need is great. We have been using Ebay for a decade now, and plan to keep with the online auction.

As we know, parents are constantly on-the-go between soccer practice, carpool, errands and never-ending household chores. We’ve discussed selling unused household items on eBay to earn extra cash to fund new items, activities or splurging on a massage; however, time is precious. The eBay mobile app saves time. It allows you to snap a picture from your phone or iPad and list an item within 60 seconds. Before you leave the room your item is already accessible to millions of potential buyers worldwide.


How to enter: Anyone who lists an item between Sept. 5-14 via the eBay Mobile app is entered to win $25,000. New listers need to follow this exact link to get registered and download the app.


I am a compensated member of the ebay parent panel but a long time user and seller on the popular site.