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Kindergarten Learning Activities

When children near the end of their preschool career, parents start looking forward to the next big step in their kids lives: going to a school for kindergarten. Starting kindergarten is an exciting accomplishment for many kids, but with the change comes extra pressure to perform, leaving some parents worried that the level of expectation could prove damaging. Whilst it is true that there are new demands placed on kindergarten students in terms of letter, number and color recognition, many teachers are agreed that, at this level, learning important life-skills matters as much to a child’s long-term educational success as academic achievement.

A positive attitude, the ability to work independently, and the ability to get along with other children in a group setting are all important skills for the pre-kindergartener to develop. Healthy interactions in a pre-school setting are an excellent way for kids to develop their social skills. Encouraging kids to love learning, as well as instilling strong fine motor skills can be a little more challenging for parents; but one way to encourage enthusiasm in learning is to provide children with opportunities to associate learning with fun. Online games and learning activities are an excellent way to encourage kids to enjoy learning new concepts. Click here for more about how math manipulative games in particular can help your child master basic concepts and prepare to master the core curriculum.

Enthusiasm for learning is one of the first things teachers look for in kindergarten students. A child who is eager to learn will be more engaged and involved in the classroom. Online games can help with the process of identifying what excites a learner and also aid color, letter and number recognition – important concepts for children at this stage of their development. As many of these games are interactive, and often include audio instructions, children learn to follow verbal cues. Manipulating virtual objects on the screen and typing and using the mouse all help improve fine motor skills, and the nature of most online games for pre-school learners encourages children to learn to work independently. All these skills are important to long-term learning. Not only can online games and other activities help children prepare for kindergarten, they foster skills and strengths that will be important throughout the school career. Enthusiasm for learning, the ability to listen and follow directions, and independence in learning all inform the child’s educational career far beyond kindergarten. These are the skills that make up the foundation of a child’s academic success.

When children begin their school years with a firm foundation in the basics of learning, they have the tools to create success later on. Oral-language tasks teach the basic concepts children will need to build strong writing, communication and expression skills. Math, in particular, is a subject that builds upon prior knowledge, making number and pattern recognition skills critical to later learning. Online learning games and activities help create the love of learning children will need to carry them through their academic career, encourage confidence, and help instill core concepts.

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  1. Ali Watkinson on September 26, 2012 at 9:56 am

    I so agree with you. There are so many online activities and games that encourage learning and are fun at the same time. Parents just need to watch what their kids play online and make sure it is educational screen time and not just screen time.