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Inspire your kids for the future

In order for children to do well in life, they need a solid foundation from which to build. A disciplined work ethic, healthy self-worth, and a quality education are all important to kids future success. Encouraging achievement at school helps ensure more than just good grades. The same skills that help kids excel in school are the foundational traits needed to succeed later in life: enthusiasm for learning, social skills and a solid academic background all contribute to long-term success.

College is often the path to providing a child with the tools they need to succeed in their chosen career. Whether a child aspires to making a comfortable income, or has a passion for a particular field of study, college opens doors that might otherwise remain firmly closed. Statistically, college graduates earn a full half to three times the income of a non-graduate, so clearly an education leads to a wider range of career options for students, which, in turn, helps ensure success. While some parents may wince at the cost of a college education, once you graduate student loans can be paid off relatively quickly at a low rate, and in some cases deferred in part or in whole. For example, in some states, recently graduated teachers who accept jobs in under served areas may have a percentage of their loan forgiven.

Students who learn the work ethic and study skills they need early on tend to do better in college. Laying sensible foundations for future achievement means encouraging students to aspire to a college education early in their school careers. Parents should use statements like when you go to college when talking about their child’s future, emphasizing the importance of a college education in securing solid employment. By encouraging children to think in terms of a college education, parents can help ensure that college is part of their children’s aspirations.

It’s important to take into consideration the child’s interests and goals when looking toward a future that includes a college education. A child who is interested in sports may be motivated by the idea of a sports-based scholarship. A politically minded student will want to look for a campus with active political clubs. A child who is musically or artistically gifted may excel in a school that offers strong artistic programs. It’s important that parents encourage their students to explore careers in the areas they’re most interested in. Not every child will become a doctor or lawyer.  Students preform most strongly when they apply their efforts to areas they’re most interested in or have the highest ability in. A child who excels in mathematics will find more satisfaction in a business or accounting program, for example, than a child who prefers to daydream, write stories and create visual art.

Children deserve a chance to succeed in their area of interest and aptitude. A college degree is not a guarantee of future success, but it is a stepping-stone toward a brighter, more promising future.