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Take Care of Your Family with Verizon Family Locator

Verizon’s Family Locator can help you take care of your family. Right now you can get a FREE 30-day trial of Verizon’s Family Locator, an app that gives you the comfort of staying informed and connected with your family.

Family-friendly features of Family Locator include:

  • Family location – A detailed location, including the address, can be displayed on an interactive map and turn-by-turn driving directions to your family members location using the VZ Navigator application.
  • Arrival and departure updates Provides updates when family members leave or arrive at defined locations like school or home.
  • Scheduled updates Choose times you want to verify where a family member is.
  • Share locations Share your location, family members or local points of interest by email, text message or post to Facebook.

The Verizon Family Locator isnt just a GPS application – its a way to keep in touch and communicate with the family. Have your family members ever lost their cell phone? Use your Family Locator app to track the location of a missing mobile device. Is your child annoyed by always having to check-in? Find out when they’re home from school or at a friends house without a phone call.

Verizon Family Locator is now only $9.99 a month per household account, making family security more affordable than ever. For more information about the app, and to download the free 30-day trial, please visit: www.vzw.com/familylocator