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Summer Fun Toys For Baby: Mamas and Papas Toys

Now that Mia is getting older she loves to stare at things and we were so thrilled when we were sent some of the new toys from Mamas & Papas. Personally I thought they were simply adorable and I love the mini robots for her car seat or stroller. They simply tie on and keep baby entertained.

My other favorite items include this adorable robot and Farmhouse Mouse. The Farmhouse Malvin Mouse is part of a family of adorable characters that live on the farm together and have their own unique personality. Each character has their own removable name tag that includes a nursery rhyme tailored to them. The farmhouse collection makes the perfect gift for someone special and will be treasured forever.

We just love all of the cute characters and our baby is having fun enjoying them and I know she will continue to enjoy them. Our oldest Brooklin actually took the mouse and she thinks he’s so special and he is! Just check out Mamas & Papas for these and other great toys for baby!

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  1. shelly peterson on July 20, 2012 at 11:50 pm

    these are cute. these would eventually be good for my soon to be grandson