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How #ChargedLife Changed My life

Most of my life changing moments happened either in the worst times of my life or the best times. I sank pretty low a few months ago and had to find a way to come back. I am usually a pretty happy person who strives for change but I felt myself slipping back. I decided I needed to find some control and so I read one of the hottest selling books called The Charge(By Brendon Burcahrd).

Right away the book started motivating me, it’s not that anything was said it was the questions that were asked that made me think twice about how I view the world I live in. For months I’ve been beating myself down and I really have needed to make a change and move on, continue on my journey in this life and feel happier doing it. That exactly where The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives that Make you Feel Alive comes in.

What Are Chargers? When Chargers were discussed in the book I in many ways could relate to these people. In fact many of the traits of a Charger I find I have myself but I was lacking the ability to take a step back and evaluate what I wanted and how I was approaching things.

  • Chargers are open to the moment. They tend to engage and be spontaneous and flexible.
  • Chargers are future oriented although they can live in the moment.
  • Chargers are challenge seekers and live for excitement .
  • Chargers are deeply connected to others, Chargers love people! They see relationships as opportunities for learning, growing and sharing.
  • Chargers are self-reliant and even if they love people they are happy being alone. They drum the beat of their own tune as they make their journey.
  • Chargers are creatively driven and are often daydreamers.
  • Chargers are meaning makers, always looking for meaning from their world. They have a deep desire to create meaningful moments within their life.

One of my favorite simple takeaways from the book where was he discussed how the happiest of times are often when your brain engaged in doing something new. When you learn something new, or travel are usually some of the times you feel happiest so why not engage in these regularly. That constant working of the brain will keep your “charge”.

Six Simple Ways To Feel Happier Trying Something New:

  1. Ninety Day Getaways – Try getting away from home every 90 days. My family and I do this and I must say it keeps life more adventurous, we love exploring new things even if it’s just around town.
  2. Dining Tour – Try new restaurants for date nights and explore your local community. This is such great way to also connect with my husband, it keeps us both having fun.
  3. Shows, sporting events, entertainment – What’s happening in your city every weekend? Get out of the house!!!!!
  4. Travel Adventures – Start a list of places you’d like to go and see and start checking 1 off every year.
  5. Expand Your Circles – Meet new friends! I did this just this year and I’m so glad I did. I have met many wonderful local friends because I have put in an effort trying to find them. Check out local play groups, activities, clubs and organizations you are a part of and actively try to meet new friends.
  6. Skill Development – Make a list of new skills you want to learn. Engage your brain to stay happy and changed long term.

My favorite quote form the book has to be one I can easily see in myself. As Brendon speaks about Chargers and how they can often be stubborn he goes on to say “But the reality is that they are simply brave enough to chart their own courses and confidant enough in their journeys to try new ideas and even to fail and figure things out for themselves.”

I am often looking for meaning in my life, I’ve had quite a traumatic past so I am constantly seeking to learn and grow. On top of it all I learn lessons the hard way but I’ve never been really unhappy. I have lost my way a few times but overall I know I’m on the right path and that’s the biggest thing I took away form this book. It’s okay to make mistakes and to learn form them, that never giving up and being brave enough to move forward is a good thing.

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