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This Dads Point Of View On Breastfeeding In General & In Public

With baby number 3, Kristin (my wife), has decided to breast feed our new little one. This is something I support her on just as much as she supports herself. I feel that breastfeeding is one of the most important things that a mother can do. I am a natural person, where I feel that things in nature that have been happening for thousands of years are essential to the future of the human race. This may sound strange, but it’s pretty simple. Breastfeeding is part of history.

Infant nursingPeople eat food; food grows from the ground, from the sun and water. Babies from all animals are created the same way they have been created for thousands of years. Animals have lived off breast feeding from their mothers for thousands of years. The sun has provided life for thousands of years. Trees have provided oxygen for living things to breath for more than thousands of years. Hopefully you can see where I am going with this. Even Scientific American says breastfeeding benefits mothers.

So even before having kids, I have always had a positive view on breastfeeding due to is natural standing in the history of life as we (I) know it. It seems strange, but some in this modern day think that breast feeding is strange or not necessary, or something that should not be continued for humanity, not essential. I find them strange. I have and probably will never know or care why some do not support breast feeding to the fullest, but that is my thought.

So when we had our first child, I did not push my wife to breast feed fully like I do now (not that she needs any pushing now). We gave our first child formula, without really thinking about it as important as we, or I do now. She did breast feed for some months, but when she gave it up, I never thought to push her to keep going, and I was young. I didn’t give it the full thought like I do now that I am older.

But when we had child number 2, she really wanted to take on breast feeding 100%. We had thought about it more, and I had thought about it more. Not only did we read up on the benefits, but I think I took up thinking about the bigger picture more as I was maturing. When we had Brooklin, kid #2, she had some problems and a little bit of doubt. I felt that she needed to really stick to it, before I would let her give up. After sometime, it became natural. Not only did it save up a lot of money, but it made my life easier. Maybe pushing the made my life, the father, easier mentality might be a better way to persuade fathers to push and support the mothers of their children.

The reason I say easier, is that when its night time and the baby is hungry, its easier to let the baby feed of her mother, which lets me sleep. With child 1, I would get up to help out, the taking turns lifestyle. But with breastfeeding, there is not much I can do, except maybe change a nightly dirty diaper. No bottles to make, and with breastfeeding, burping is not essential like with using a bottle. Even during the day, mom takes care of feeding. Dont get me wrong, if mom has a job or something to do, help her get into the routine of pumping. Pump at night and when there is free time and begin to make a cache of breast milk. Frozen breast milk can last up to 6 months in the freezer, so by creating a surplus and pumping daily, there is no problem with running out. Making sure they have a good breast pump is important!

Now I know some women cannot breastfeed due to health reasons. But women and men make sure that you try and try, and try some more before giving up. If she cant do it, then she cant do it, but remember humans created the great way of life and technology we live with and love today, without formula.

So, my feelings on breast feeding with kid 2, was that it was going to be the norm at least for the first year, and it was. She did eventually have to give it up around after the first year due to a nipple issue called mastitis, which she describe as having your nipple cut with razors, ouch. But she stuck with it for a year but it hurt for her emotionally to have to give it up. And a year prior, she thought she couldn’t do it. I think that by sticking to it, she surprised herself which boosted her self-confidence, which is important with any mother, and their thoughts and ability to be the best mother that they can try or want to be.

Baby Breastfeeding In PublicPlus it just felt natural. Her having to sit down or take time to breast feed our baby, it just felt good. Now I know some see a breast feeding mother in public and get disgusted or anxious, but to me it made me proud. Women, especially older women would look at her and us and smile. Now we are conservative when it comes to things such as dress and breastfeeding. My wife use boob hiders, covers that covered her breast and the baby, so there was no real reason for embarrassment or for people to be disgusted. Women that have no shame or consideration for others are the ones that make people feel against breastfeeding in public, and if all it takes is a cover to fix this, then by golly, mothers do your part please. And advocate for breast feeding stations in public places, the really make life easier for mothers, which is important for them to breast feed. Disneyland has it down, thank you Disneyland!

I think if more women and their partners gave the support that I did, people would understand the pride and joys I felt. And I still feel it with baby 3 here. She is almost 3 weeks and breastfed. We have not had many outings yet, but when we have I still feel that pride of doing what is natural and good for my baby.

Now I am sure some will get offended and think their negative thoughts well not everyone can breastfeed or some people cant breastfeed or don’t think you better than others but the reality is, if you haven’t tried it and stuck it out, then its your conscious feeling ashamed, so dont blame me. I am not going to sugar coat this blog post or what I am saying now, because I want every women to breastfeed till they really cannot do it. Call me the breast feeding advocate.

If you’re a man and reading this, one of the most important things we can do, is support our kids and their mothers no matter what. I would not quite understand what I am getting at if I didn’t have children. Many of you know that after having children, you whole outlook and view on life changes. Instead of focusing on petty things and our own self-interests, we look out for our family.

I wanted to make this into a 2 or 3 part post, but I don’t know how I could. If you have any ideas or questions please ask away. I have some good experience and the drive and want to help and support anyone I can on how to succeed. Like I said, not only do you save money, your life is easier, and it is important for children to breastfeed, at least that is what doctors say.


  1. Del on June 29, 2012 at 12:47 pm

    Thank you ladies for your positive words. I will always support my wife no matter what happens, it is part of my duty as a husband. Maybe this can help to persuade fathers to make that change to support breastfeeding and not being afraid or ashamed, or whatever scares fathers about it.

  2. Crystal on June 29, 2012 at 2:42 am

    Good for all of you..cheers on this special time of your lives! (:

  3. Amanda on June 28, 2012 at 8:34 pm

    This is how my husband feels too.(at least what I think he does). It’s just so easy. lol

  4. Jessica Beard on June 28, 2012 at 7:17 pm

    I enjoyed reading this post from your point of view. You sound like a wonderful supporting husband who cares about what is best for your wife and children. Keep up the good work!

  5. Chelle on June 28, 2012 at 5:30 pm

    So refreshing to read it from a man and dad’s point of view. Thankfully my husband has supported me breastfeeding 100%. I don’t understand when I hear of mom’s complaining that their husband, the father of THEIR baby, banishes them away to breastfeed in the dark away from everyone.

    Awesome post, Del! And Kristin–you’re blessed to have a husband so supportive!