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Nintendo 3DS Portable Game System Mario 3D Land

My Awesome Fathers Day Gift – Cosmo Black Nintendo 3DS

So we finally got our hands on a Nintendo 3DS for review. Awesome! For the first week, I couldnt get over the 3D capability. I have always been a fan any and all 3D technology, I dont know why but I think it is incredible.

Nintendo 3DS Portable Game System Mario 3D Land

I have always liked 3D movies and want to pick up a 3D HDTV someday, but that will have to wait a little bit. So the next best thing is a Nintendo 3DS because I love gaming! I have been a Nintendo fan since I had my Nintendo in 1987, at the ripe ole age of 7. I have since owned a Gameboy, Super Nintendo, I even had a Super Famicom (non-US super Nintendo) when I lived overseas and then a Nintendo 64. I did not own the other ones because I stopped gaming for some time of my life. But now that I am more of a homely and family man, I have picked up gaming again, starting 7 years ago.

I have always liked having a portable gaming system for travel and playing while sitting around the house. Kaila has a Nintendo DSi XL which she plays. I have even used her DSi to play games that I wanted to play like the Mario and Zelda titles.

nintendo 3ds

So when Kristin told me she got me a 3DS for fathers day I was excited! I had been thinking about picking one up, but it was better as a gift for my day. It came with Super Mario 3D Land. I have seen the 3DS at stores on display, and was impressed but even more impressed with my own unit. Maybe the display models were worn and the angle to view them awkward, but having one in my hands seemed to give a much more 3D depth. The 3D feature can be turned on and off and the 3D depth adjusted by sliding the 3D switch making it useful for all ages who want to play. 3D mode is recommended for ages 7 and up and Kaila thinks its “so cool!”

Nintendo 3DS 3D Depth Adjuster and Wifi Switch

Turning on the system and loading up the Home screen was enough to make me excited, it really was 3D, true 3D without the glasses. First thing I did was pop in Mario and get to playing. The game and visuals are stunning. The screen has a higher resolution than the non 3D DS units which in itself make a world of difference, but then add in the 3D and awesome! Plus it has stereo cameras for taking your own 3D pictures and videos! We have all been having fun with the camera. And the speaker system is excellent with 3D sound, great to compliment the graphics.

For the first week I kept at playing Mario 3D Land. I am currently on the last world, bowsers world, hopefully about to finish the game. After I write this I plan to pick it up to complete the final level, at least I think it is.

Nintendo 3DS Charging Cradle

The Nintendo 3DS comes in several colors: flame red, cosmo black, aqua blue, pearl pink and midnight purple and includes a charging cradle and adjustable stylus.  It has a built-in motion sensor and gyro sensor making interacting with games part of the action. It has SpotPass that lets you connect to wireless internet access points, including Nintendo Zone locations for downloading free software, videos and more even when the system is in sleep mode. StreetPass is a feature when activated by the user lets your Nintendo 3DS exchange data with other Nintendo 3DS systems for games. Also DSiWare, online downloadable games can transfer from a Nintendo DSi or Nintendo DSi XL to a Nintendo 3DS, so if you upgrade your DSi to a 3DS you can keep your content. Nintendo eShopis a place to view trailers, rankings and purchase new games and software. Parents also have access to limit game content by ratings, control wireless connectivity, 3D functionality, and more, great for parents to keep their little ones safe.

Nintendo 3D Off & 3D On

3D Off (Left) & 3D On (Right)

There are a lot of accessories available for the Nintendo 3DS. Dont forget it plays all Nintendo DS games and you can even watch Netflix on it, browse the internet, create memos, and much more.

I have been playing Mario 3D Land for sometime now and it is a fun game. Check out the trailer.

I am currently seeking some new titles to pick up. There are so many 3D titles that I will be busy for the next year. To be honest I dont care to play games on my smartphone when traveling or killing time. I like a game with physical controls,  not a touch screen, and A game with a purpose. Most smartphone games are boring and offer little in gameplay so having a portable Nintendo 3DS, I can truly enjoy gaming again on the go!



  1. Jessica Beard on June 26, 2012 at 7:13 pm

    My nephew just got one too and he let me play for a little bit. What a fun Father’s Day gift! Enjoy!

  2. courtney b on June 26, 2012 at 11:01 am

    although I’m not a video game fan, this looks pretty cool! congrats!:)

  3. shelly peterson on June 26, 2012 at 3:26 am

    This looks nice! What a great present. My son wants the 3DS but was too spendy for my pocket. Enjoy! 🙂

  4. Sandy VanHoey on June 25, 2012 at 2:05 am

    My grandson wants this so bad. I know he’s love the Mario Bros also. My daughter is thinking about having Santa bring him one this year. I think this one I might like as well! Thanks for another outstanding review!