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Frigidaire and National Safety Month – Induction Cooking

Frigidaire has always been a strong proponent of safety in the home, especially during National Safety Month (June). Did you know that each year in the United States alone, more than 100,000 people go to the emergency room due to a scalding injury that has occurred in the kitchen? Unfortunately, the youngest members of our families, usually children between age 0-2 account for the majority of these injuries and receive more than 65% of emergency burn treatments. The kitchen is where most burns take place but there are several easy changes you can make to minimize the opportunities for burns in your home


Frigidaire offers a complete line of Induction appliances that will enable you to cook for your family and not worry about the dangers of hot surfaces, especially with young children. Induction cooking uses powerful electromagnets to create heat in metal-based pots or pans. Once the element is turned on, magnetic sensors detect the cookware and generate heat directly into the pot or pan. As a result, the cooktop stays cool to the touch, making it safer for families and a breeze to clean. A signature feature, Cooler to the Touch, allows the cooktop to stay cooler as heat is transferred directly to the cookware, making it easier to clean.

Frigidaire Professional┬« Induction Range and Frigidaire Professional 30″ Induction Hybrid Cooktop offer families ultimate safety.


  1. Eileen on June 16, 2012 at 11:45 pm

    NO WAY!!! I am way behind the times…guess that’s what happens when you are using old appliances. They are SO not safe and SO not green. With a little one in the house again and others coming regularly for day care, I think this is a necessity. I have really been wanting to replace our 15 plus y/o stove and this might actually tip the scales and have my husband on board now too. I remember my nephew burning his hands on an electric coil burner when he was about 4. It was the worst feeling and now that could completely be prevented with products like this!

  2. shelly peterson on June 4, 2012 at 4:18 am

    Frigidaire is definitely a top brand, if not the best out there. Love that they have the cooler to the touch feature to keep lil ones from getting burns from appliances.

  3. Sandy VanHoey on June 3, 2012 at 11:38 pm

    Now that is truly a great idea and leave it to Frigidaire to come up with it. How great! I know at 5, I have to still tell my grandson to stay away from the stove. Every home with children needs something like this.