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Family Time: Summer Swimming

Since having the baby I’ve been trying to find ways to spend quality time with Kaila and Brooklin. We’ve hit the pool almost every single day since it opened. I have always enjoyed swimming and as a kid I’d spend all day swimming at my Great Grandmothers home.

It’s still gloomy and rainy here in Oregon but we have had one very sunny day so far, we need more. Even if it’s gloomy and cool we still find ourselves at the pool. Both girls started this year not being able to swim, like not even able to swim to the wall. Kaila seemed to have forgotten the swim lessons she took years ago and Brooklin has never been in a pool. Those first few days at the pool were spent along the sides, like they were holding on for dear life.

And then….

I have to give a lot of credit to the swim vests which are half a vest with arm floaties. We scored these at Costco and after seeing how wonderful it worked for Brooklin, we went back and got a set for Kaila. I watched Kaila quickly become less afraid and now she’s swimming all over the pool.

My favorite moments are about half an hour after arriving at the pool. After awhile Brooklin asks to go home because many of the times we go swimming after 5 p.m. and its later in the day. She goes inside with her dad and crawls next to him on the couch and goes to sleep. I stay in the pool with Kaila for another 1/2 and hour to a hour. We play and swim and today I was a shark. I’m teaching her how to swim and jump into the deep end and she’s telling me about all the things she wants to do and how lately she has been wanting to be a zoo keeper when she grows up.

These moments are my most favorite ones probably because growing up I didn’t feel close to anyone other than my sister. My aunt who raised me tried but I never opened up to her much. I dont want to be that way with my daughters. I think it’s these moments alone when I can be playful and cheerful and silly with her are the best. In these moments we are friends. I find myself trying to say “no” less and “yes” more. I try to let go of all the control in these times and let Kaila have fun in these moments.

I’ve realized lately how quickly childhood passes by and how much I want my kids to have fun in the moment. I realize how important time alone with each of my kids is. We’ve all found the perfect outlet with our summer swimming.

Even Mia sits around looking fashionable.


  1. Whitney Lindeman on July 5, 2012 at 7:29 am

    First of all, that pool looks sooooo good right now! It’s 105 degrees basically every day here in Kansas, yuck!
    Second, your little ones are too precious! =)

  2. Eileen on July 4, 2012 at 3:52 pm

    It is awesome how certain events or activities ARE what makes memories in kids. I have heard your story Kristin, and I know just how that is. We had very few memories and good times with our Dad, but did have boating as a connection for a couple of good years before things all fell apart. Sharing in just a few life “loves’ like swimming, dance, biking, crafts, outdoor things like camping…it can be ANYTHING really, and developing that connection with your kids is so important. You and your sis have done an AMAZING job to instill this in your kids and give them both the security and the FUN that kids need. When you don’t have that growing up, it becomes so important when you have kids…you just want them to be close, loved, happy and carefree and never worry. Fun activities are a big part of that, not just TEACHING your kids all day long and being serious too much.
    I love to see your pictures of your family…it seriously reminds us to drop things once in a while and just enjoy them before they are older.

  3. Amanda on July 1, 2012 at 10:04 am

    sooooo fun! I miss living in the complex with pools. We LIVED at the pool. the girls look like they are having so much fun. and I toolove ahving special oneon one time with the girls tlaking. sam is so much fun to talk to and I want her to always know she can open up to me and talk to me.

  4. shelly peterson on July 1, 2012 at 4:30 am

    That’s great you guys have access to a pool to be able to enjoy swimming on a daily basis. Growing up we walked to the public pool all the time, not quite the same but we had fun 🙂 I’m glad you get to spend those special moments with your girls, they are priceless. Hope your weather gets bteter soon, Here in Spokane we haven’t had great weather this summer so far either til just this week

  5. Auntie Mea on June 30, 2012 at 9:27 pm

    Very nice post Kristin!