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Disney’s John Carter On Blu-Ray/DVD

Disney John Carter Blu Ray DVDJohn Carter was a good action movie with a lot of fantasy mixed in. We watched the new release on Blu-ray as a whole family. Kaila, our 7 year old, got into it from the beginning and watched it to the end, not missing any of it. This movie is based on Edgar Rice Burroughs classic novel. Check out some John Carter secrets here!

I am always a big fan of good special effects and John Carter was built on them.  Form the beginning, when John Carter, was in the western era, we did not quite know what to expect. It went from being focused on old America, to him being sent to Mars. He is transported from Earth to Barsoom (Mars), after defeating a Thern, which is the most evil of the bad guys in the film, and finding a medallion which transports him to Mars, in the middle of an epic battle.

This is where things get interesting. One of Kaila’s favorite parts was when Carter first lands on the Martian soil. He is not used to the low gravity and has some problems walking. As he gets a handle on it, he realizes that he can leap great bounds giving him his great ability that sets him apart and allows him to become the hero for all people.

He comes across the a group of Martian aliens called the Tharks, and from here the action begins. At the same time 2 other Martian groups from the cities of Helium and Zodanga are at war. These 2 groups take on a fight in airships while above the Tharks territory, which leads John Carter to save the Princess of Zodanga, Dejah from falling to her death. He gains respect from the Tharks, and him and the princess Dejah, along with the Tharks leaders daughters are allowed to travel with Carter down the sacred river in an attempt to find a way to get home.

John Carter Disney DVD

But before they can find a way, they are attacked by another group of mean Martians led by a Thern. Carter fights them off, but is eventually saved by the Zodangas after almost being defeated. But a marriage is arranged between Helium and the King of Zodanga, and Carter is taken as a prisoner. He finds out that there is a plot to conquer Zodanga and breaks free and seeks out the help of the Tharks. But finds the Thark leader was replaced by a mean Thark named Tal. After fighting 2 white alien apes, he defeats Tal, and persuades the Tharks to help him fight the army of Helium, saving the princess Dejah and ultimately the people of Zodanga.

It is a long film, more than 2 hours. It features a little of everything; humor, action, fighting, romance, and more. We all enjoyed it, especially Kaila. It is rated G, making it a great film for the whole family and for all ages.

John Carter is available on 3D Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray and DVD. Check out John Carter on Twitter.

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  1. shelly peterson on June 15, 2012 at 12:16 am

    This sounds like a really good movie, I already was wanting to see it and now even more and my son keeps bugging me to see it, so I might just go buy it 🙂