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Disney Pixar’s New Princess Film – Brave

I took my girls to see Disney Pixar’s new title Brave in 3D. I was curious how it would work out, I know my 7 year old would have no problem, but wasn’t quite sure about my 3 year old. It went fine and we all got to enjoy the film.

So Brave is Disney’s new princess film. Merida is the princess and is in the position to lead a princess life. Her mother Queen Elinor wants her daughter to marry into one of the 3 other clans of the land. But Merida has other thoughts in mind. As a young lass, her father King Fergus had always been in her life and gave his daughter a bow as a young girl. And as growing up, she had stuck with it, regardless of the idea of her being a lady, what her mother wanted.

When it comes time for Merida to have a suitor, the 3 sons of the clan leaders have to vie for her hand. But this is where we get a side of Merida, that she is not the lady princess her mother expects of her. She challenges the status quo literally and physically when she competes against the sons and shows them up.

But the Queen still wants Merida to be that princess to carry their crown. Merida gets upset at this and tears a tapestry symbolizing the divide between her and her mother. She then ventures out into the forest where she comes across a witch. Merida tells the witch she wants her mother to change. But like with any twist, her mother does more than just change her mind, she changes completely.

Scottish Clan - Queen Elinor, King Fergus, Princess Merida, Triplets

Merida feeds her mother a pastry given by the witch, under the guise that Merida made it as a loving daughter. Soon Queen Elinor is transformed into a bear, where the action begins. Merida must figure out how to change her mother back, but only after the kingdom chases them down (her father has slayed many bears) and they come across another King who was transformed into an evil bear with the strength of 10 men, again from the witch.

After Merida tracks down the Witch’s lair again, she gets clues on how to turn her mother back. She has 2 sunrises to figure it out, and like with any Disney flick, there is a happy ending with joy and laughter and a moral learning lesson.

My kids liked it. Kaila watched the whole thing and was immersed into the story and action. I liked how it had humor, action, and was not a slow movie. Brooklin was entertained for mostly the whole movie, but near the end with the dark scenes, she got a little bored, not scared though. It had a good message of showing that people can change their minds, and that the status quo is not the only way to live your life. It also showed how a princess can have fun and be better than a boy at doing whatever they put their hearts and minds to.


  1. Del on June 27, 2012 at 1:14 am

    It was good! My friend took his 5 year old son yesterday, and he liked it. Good for boys and girls.

  2. ger on June 26, 2012 at 2:51 pm

    Seems like such a cute movie~My niece will love it!

  3. shelly peterson on June 26, 2012 at 12:49 am

    This movie looks really good. My son really wants to see it. I can’t wait to see it myself. Luckily just because the main character is a girl, he doesn’t consider it a “girl” movie