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Converse Glow-In-The Dark Flutter Glasses for Kids

We were sent a couple of pairs of glasses from Converse to review.

One of the pairs was for Kaila, which is in a frosted pink ice. They are translucent which give them a unique look and style to them, but that is not what makes them cool. What sets these apart from other frames is that they glow in the dark!

Kids Converse Glow In Dark Glasses

Kaila thinks they are really neat, which they are. We have to make sure they are put up when not in use, otherwise her little sister can’t keep her hands off them. They have a cute slim frame that is great for small ones, and they make her look cute. See for yourself.

The Converse glow in the dark Flutter frame is a new trend for kids ages 5 to 15. Great for those in elementary school to high school who want to really stand out and give them something o talk about with their friends. Could you imagine the fun at a school dance, sleep over or anytime when it will be dark! Glasses are once again cool! They are designed to be filled with a prescription lenses or can even be made into sunglasses or just used as a style statement.Converse Glow In Dark Glasses Kids Day

The other pair we were sent are the Converse Offense sunglasses in the tortoise color. Again these can be used as is, or filled with a prescription lenses if needed. I am using them for the sunny outdoors, especially for driving. I like them. They have a rubber type of texture, making them comfortable on my nose and temples. They have a raised frame over the lense which is good if they are dropped, they don’t hit the lense, which is a good feature for me.

Mens Converse Offense

Converse has a wide range of sunglasses and glasses. They come in all different frame styles, colors, and some sets glow in the dark.




  1. shelly peterson on June 27, 2012 at 11:37 pm

    Both pairs of glasses are nice. The glow in the dark pair is pretty cool as is or as sunglasses if you don’t need a prescription pair eye glasses

  2. Sandy VanHoey on June 25, 2012 at 2:32 am

    These are real different! I like that they can be filled with prescription lenses as well. My grandson wears glasses and he’d need something like that.