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Watches Of All Types For Everyone By ShopNBC

Most men like to know the time and look good while doing it. But women do also, and even kids and teens can benefit from keeping track of time and learning time management skills. So something that is universal to all groups is a stylish and functional watch. Watches make great gifts for everyone, particularly this time of year with graduation season and Father’s Day. However, finding time to get out to the mall is a pretty rough task these days.

ShopNBC Watches

Thankfully, online retailers like ShopNBC have a large selection of fine watches that are both functional and look great. ShopNBC also makes it easy to find the watch you really want to get for that person you appreciate. Selection styles include strap/bracelet material, type of display and function, movement and everything up to finding the right price range.

Gucci KennethCole watch

Gucci Swiss Quartz Digital Analog LCD & Kenneth Cole Digital Touch Screen

There is a huge selection of watch makers to choose from, but they have an even greater selection of styles including fancy to stylish and trendy to unique. From leather Movado and stainless steel Tag Heuer to rugged rubber Timex and Casio, there is truly something for everyone. With Fathers day coming up, mens watches are always a timeless, classic gift that many can and will always appreciate. Time will never go out of style, and neither will the watch.

A few choices I thought would suit my husband. From luxury of Gucci to technical pieces like this Kenneth Cole design to the very technical movement of than Android Men’s Antigravity timepiece, there is something for all.

shopnbc watch blue

Android Men’s Antigravity Automatic Tungsten Skeleton Leather Strap Watch

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  1. shelly peterson on April 15, 2012 at 7:54 pm

    They do have some really nice watches. The two watches that might interest your husband are very nice. The Android Men’s Antigravity watch is very different, it would make a good conversation piece