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War Horse On Blu-ray

I’ve been dying to see this movie ever since I heard it was going to come out. War Horse, the story of a boy who is separated from his horse during World War I. I was so happy when Disney sent me a copy to review.

The story starts out with this young boy who sees something in the horse no one else could. His next owner also sees that same courage in him, and as he battles his way through the war the story follows him through it all. Literally dodging bullets, getting caught in wire, and saving the owner that he loves. I don’t want to give away too much of the story because I think it’s too great to miss. This classic story will be enjoyed by my daughters one day and I know they will love it. I thought I’d leave this movie feeling sad but instead I felt hopeful.

This Blu-ray and digital download was released on April 3rd. Own it today!!

Bonus features include a special 60 minute documentary (named A Filmmaking Journey), created by Spielberg, that offers a never-before-seen inside look into the making of WAR HORSE, a behind the scenes look at Spielberg’s Award-Winning Dream Team the film’s scoring session with five-time Oscar-winning composer John Williams, a look through Producer Kathleen Kennedy’s lens as she shares photos she took during the filming and recounts her discovery of War Horse and much, much more!

4-Disc Combo Pack (2-Disc Blu-ray + 1 Disc DVD + Digital Copy)


· A Filmmaking Journey Academy Award-winning Director/Producer Steven Spielberg provides a unique and unprecedented look into the making and filming of War Horse.

· Editing & Scoring Multi-Oscar winners Michael Kahn (film editor) and John Williams (composer) discuss specific aspects of editing the film and composing music for War Horse, as well as the secret to their long and successful collaborations with Steven Spielberg.

· The Sounds of War Horse Seven-time Academy Award-winning sound designer Gary Rydstrom takes us through the sophisticated sound design he created for War Horse.

· Through The Producers Lens Producer Kathleen Kennedy shares the photos she took during filming and recounts how she discovered the source material, as well as her appreciation of Steven Spielbergs vision, the team that sounds him, and why War Horse appealed to her.

· War Horse: The Look Director/Producer Steven Spielberg introduces us to his creative team of production designer Rick Carter, costume designer Joanna Johnston and director of photography JanuszKaminski, who discuss what it took to design the look for the film.

· An Extras Point of View Film extra Martin Dew explains how and why he was brought in along with a hundred other men to be featured alternately as both German and British soldiers.


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  1. shelly peterson on April 27, 2012 at 11:33 am

    This looks like a really good movie, I can’t wait to see it.