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The Dyson Vacuums “Yes, They Really Work!” – Great Mother’s Day Idea


Whenever I come across friends or family vacuuming or talking about a vacuum cleaner, I always have to put in my 2 cents and I always suggest they consider a Dyson vacuum. Now I did a visual test to show why I suggest a Dyson upright vacuum cleaner.

When I suggest a Dyson, naturally people ask, do they really work? And I answer yes they really work. Not only do they work, like most vacuum cleaners in picking up visible dirt, they also pick up the invisible messes like dust, dander, pollen, hair and dirt, the gunk that you would not even think exist in your carpet. But I think when people ask if they work, they are more implicating the question of is a Dyson worth its price?

Let me visually show you why I know they work. Here are pictures of our not so dirty floors. Last time we vacuumed upstairs was maybe a week prior to this. We live in Oregon, a land covered with dust and pollen. Our first floor has wood floors, but our second floor and stairs have a light color carpet. I took pictures of all 3 bedrooms, stairs and hallway and the open area outside our master bedroom. I kept the pictures big so if you click on them you can see that they are not that dirty, but wait till you see the before and after pictures of the dirt trapped, I am still surprised every time we vacuum our floors. You will now see why I will always suggest considering a Dyson. First is a slideshow of the floors I cleaned. I did not move any furniture, which includes bed, dressers, stands, etc. I just picked up toys. Remember this is before vacuuming. Click slideshow for larger slideshow and images.

Next I will show you a picture of before and after of the canister. Picture on the left is before I started, and picture on right is all the dust and dander sucked out of our carpet.

And here is a picture of that dust, dirt, dander, pollen, hair in our sink with a spoon for scale. It was 2+ handfuls.
Another brief slideshow of the Dyson DC 25 Multi Floor empty and after vacuum.

So my answer is yes they are worth the price, if you like clean floors. A vacuum cleaner, especially a powerful one is important in not just making sure the visible specks of dirt are sucked up, but also to suck out the dust, dirt, pollen, and dander that collect in your carpet, the invisible stuff. It is better for the air you breathe, and since we have children it’s important to us that they breath clean air and also good for allergy people, like myself these days. Dyson also has a list of tools for pet grooming, dusting, a flexible cleaning tool and many other things.

A brief introduction to how the Dyson works is due to its Root Cyclone technology. Instead of using bags, the Dyson vacuums use patented cyclone technology which is like a micro cyclone in the vacuum. It doesn’t lose suction, meaning it picks up more dust and dirt from your home and expels fresh and clean air. Some other benefits to bag less vacuums is they require no bags, hence bagless. And their built in removable and cleanable HEPA filter helps to filter out dander and pollen that can escape and be blown out of the motor while cleaning. Plus many of the uprights use Dyson ball technology making it easy to maneuver the machine and helps to create a better center of gravity.

We also have a Dyson Air Multiplier which is great with kids around because there are no moving blades. Plus they are nice because they provide a constant air stream, with no pulsing airwaves and they are easy to clean with no parts to remove and crevices to reach into.

One of my other favorite Dyson products is our Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner. Remember the days of dirt devils, well I do. They were a great idea but the one thing I always disliked about them was they never worked. So when we got his little gadget I was really interested in its practicality. And it’s awesome. I sweep hardwood floors and use the handheld to suck it up, very easy. It’s also great for the kids, to vacuum up their little messes. We even use it on the countertops for crumbs, in the car for in between vacuums and it has so many other uses.

Also for those who have used or never used a Dyson hand air dryer, they work too. They save paper, power and get your hands dry quickly. Check one out and use it next time you see one. For auto enthusiasts, the Dyson hand dryers have what seem like a mini-electric turbo in them, AWESOME!

Another benefit to owning a Dyson is the warranty, which is important with any high dollar purchase. Dyson’s include a 5 year warranty on parts and labor for their upright and canister vacuums. Even their fans and handheld vacuum’s have a 2 year, which is nice to know.

When I was on the website looking for warranty info for this blog post, I saw that currently, and this is by coincidence and not on behalf of any paid or sponsored content, Dyson is offering 20% off from any machine this Sunday through Mothers Day May 13th. So if you really are interested or if this blog post persuades you to consider or even buy one, take advantage of this deal.

I have wanted to do this blog post for some time, to show why I recommend a Dyson product.


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  2. Tammi @ My Organized Chaos on May 5, 2012 at 5:09 am

    I love my Dyson products! If I needed to, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a replacement. Great Mom’s Day idea, I agree!

  3. amy v on May 1, 2012 at 12:44 pm

    i love bagless vaccuums! Wow-this looks like it works great!! thx for the info.

  4. Kristin on April 28, 2012 at 8:39 pm

    It does really work, its crazy how much it picks up every time we vacuum. We have a lot of dirt her in Oregon, but so does everywhere. We even change out furnace filters ever 3 months.

  5. shelly peterson on April 28, 2012 at 5:24 am

    What a great vacuum cleaner, I have always wanted one but always did wonder how well they really worked. thanks for showing the demonstration on how well it really does work 🙂