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Online Bingo For All! A Game With History

Bingo! This is a word that we have known my whole life. When I was a kid, I remember going to our local church and recreation centers to get together with the community for Bingo night. If you do not know Bingo history, it is an old game that started out being called beano here in the United States. And from there what we know as modern bingo was born. Bingo is played all around the world by many cultures. Some even say the concept of bingo is as old as 500 years and started in Italy and Europe.

And even to this day Bingo is still popular with all age groups. With the internet and the hectic schedule of life, people don’t always have the time to go out. Our oldest one loves to play bingo because she loves math. She has no intention of winning, but to play a game that involves numbers and an exciting time.

milton bradley company bingo cardBut one thing I remember about playing bingo was winning! You could buy a few cards for a few bucks and win big. I won a few times with the top jackpot being around $100, but also won small jackpots, enough to pay for the night and pay for the fun. Bingo is a great game for kids because it provides the excitement of seeing what is next, but is also great for number and discovery skills.

Whats fun about Bingo is playing with the kids. We can sit here together and help to watch our cards. With over 100 different patterns in rotation, online bingo keeps your mind sharp. So if you want to play for very little, or free, or a quarter, and up to a dollar, there is rooms for everyone.


  1. Del on May 2, 2012 at 5:38 pm

    This a way to play without the effort and in the comfort of your home. I like to play with my oldest, great for keeping her eyes sharp!

  2. shelly peterson on April 28, 2012 at 4:38 pm

    This is cool! I love playing bingo. The closest to playing anytime recently is just Bingo night at the kids school. I keep wanting to go play “real” bingo, but never make it there. My grandma was a big bingo player and I remember going with her, back when if you were like 12 or 13 you could go in but couldn’t play. I enjoyed going and just watching and hoping for her to win.