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Making Your Kitty Happy With The Kitty Cradle

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kitty Cradle for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

For cat lovers everywhere there is a brand new product that you and your cat are going to love! We have a family member who very much loves her cat, and little Oscar is quite the kitty. I could see him loving something like The Kitty Cradle.

The kitty cradle is a cat hammock that fits under any chair. I often see cat homes with huge towers and things that their cats rarely even go in, and the truth is cats love to hide out. They want to feel safe hiding and that’s why I can see Oscar loving The Kitty Cradle. When the kiddos are   around he likes to hide out, add dogs in the mix and he runs.

Not only does The Kitty Cradle eliminates the need for huge bulky unused cat furniture.  Plus if your cat isn’t using it, why have it around. The best thing is The Kitty Cradle uses up space that you’re already using!

Your cat will also love The Kitty Cradle because it will give them a place to hide out and nap the afternoon away. For Oscar it will keep my kiddos out of his hair and yet he can still sit and watch them like he likes to do. He likes to watch but not get involved, so like most cats he’d love this new product.

The Kitty Cradle will be in available in summer of 2012. Wouldn’t your cat love this?