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Great For Potty Training – GoodNites Disposable Bed Mats

It’s been almost two months since we said goodbye to diapers, Pull Ups or anything that would allow my toddler to still use the restroom in her pants. That’s right, I cut her off cold turkey and it worked! During the day we don’t have accidents, I have a large SUV so I am also able to take her potty with me. On the occasion we’ve had to pull over and let her go but I’d rather her go in her potty now until she’s old enough to use a big potty.

We’ve started using the big potty and getting rid of the little pottys. My oldest daughter went straight to the big potty but I’m thankful that she’s out of diapers. The only thing we have yet to figure out completely is night time. Mosre so recently we started having accidents which are probably my fault for allowing her drinks before bed.

We partnered with GoodNites to review the GoodNites Bed Mats.  These disposable bed mats are great for kids who have occasional accidents, or like us for our newly potty trained toddler.

Just a few weeks ago I was changing her sheets every day, quite frustrating since she was doing so well with potty training. These disposable bed mats help avoid frustration because you can just easily throw them away. I noticed they also have sticky pads on the back side soit won’t move around as your child does.

There is a leakage barrier that will also protect the bed from leaks. The bed mats can also hold as much fluid as a size large GoodNites Underwear. The mat is also soft and comfortable so your child will not be bothered by it, it also does not make noise.

I think they’re also great to bring with us as we travel. From staying at family’s house, to use in the hotel they’re portable and easily available. We’ll be taking them with us when we visit family because nothing is worse than your child having an accident on someone elses bed. Especially if their bed doesn’t have an added pad to protect against accidents.

I highly recommend the GoodNites disposable bed mats for children!

We partnered with GoodNites for this review and were compensated for our time. As always I would only recommend a product I would actually use and buy.

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  1. shelly peterson on April 25, 2012 at 7:33 pm

    What a great idea! Perfect for lil ones that are going through the potty training stages. Will have to keep this in mind for my daughter for her son, he is 1 so she still has some time before she stars potty training.