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Tips For Running During Pregnancy

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I’ve been getting back into running now that morning sickness has finally passed. Over the summer I was running 4 miles a day and tracking 120 miles a month and at the end of summer I also found out I was pregnant. 10 weeks of puking day and night, not exactly in the running mood but I stayed active.

I consulted my OB before I started running or doing any exercise first and suggest that others follow suit. As long as my doctor approves and I’m healthy it’s better for me and better for the baby if I get exercise. I think that’s what missed during my last pregnancy, I gained a lot of weight and I just want to stay healthy and active for me and for my baby. It’s extra important that I make my health a priority and for 9 months I can. It’s an extra 9 months to create healthy habits that will last after the baby is born.

Here’s a few tips for running during pregnancy, I am no doctor this is just my experience:

  • You need a good sports bra, when exercising you need a good one but trust me it’s even more important when you’re sore.
  • Just get out and do it. Even when I was sick beyond belief I found ways to stay active and now I feel great.
  • Take it easy, I’m sure as my belly grows I’ll get slower and just walk and I’m okay with that. Listen to your body, sometimes it just says no.
  • Know that you won’t be running those long distances for a while. I love to challenge myself running so while I’d love to run 4 miles I know I can’t. I also can’t beat myself for my 14 minute miles.

Helpful Books:

  1. Runners World – Running While Pregnant
  2. Exercising Through Your Pregnancy

I have since cut out running during pregnancy because of round ligament pain. Did you run and/or walk distances during pregnancy?

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  1. Tiff @ Babes and Kids on January 3, 2012 at 8:38 pm

    I think these are all fabulous tips, especially listening to your body. I also think that you can’t jump start into exercising when pregnant if you haven’t already been doing it. More harm than good. I exercised during both of my pregnancies and would definitely recommend it. I still put on 61 lbs the first time around which was more than my Dr. said I should have gained, but I was healthy and had a big baby. Good for you for keeping up exercising, it’s good for you and your baby! (I want to see a belly bump picture…you getting a bump yet?) 🙂