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The Day She Walked

I’ve been busy going through our external hard drive and seeing what’s on there. Literally, ten of thousands of digital pieces of memories. Each one brings emotions with them. I’ve been trying to look through Kai’s baby pictures and convince myself that I’m not a bad parent for not documenting every moment. I joke with my friends about her being my “test baby” the one I made all the mistakes with early on. I joke around convincing myself that I’ve become a better mother as each child has come along. The truth is I still make plenty of mistakes, it’s just the experience that has helped me to learn. That’s true with all aspects of my life really.

I found this little gem among all my files, my first child, her first steps. That day she walked I knew what it was like to be thrust forward. Together we did it and we are so very proud of her. I hope she knows that even if I don’t have ten thousand images of her as an infant that they’re all within my heart.

Kaila’s First Steps:

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  1. Amanda on March 14, 2012 at 10:27 am

    I have to find that video of Kai and sarah at your house when Sarah was 6 months old. HEART!!!