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Protect Your New iPad With A Pong Case

I had no idea that using any case with your iPad 2 can reduce 3G transmission power by up to 75%! But Pong cases are the only solution proven in Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certified laboratories to protect iPad 2 users from electromagnetic radiation while preserving TRP (Total Radiated Power) of the iPads, and thus the transmission strength.

All 3G iPads have a built-in proximity sensor that significantly reduces transmission power when the iPad 2 is moved to within 10mm of the body. This reduction of power serves to lower the radiation levels experienced by the user. However, the proximity sensor is triggered not just by the body, but by any solid. As a result, all commercial cases for the iPad 2 also cause the proximity sensor to trigger, which can reduce your transmission power by up to 75%.

Now Pong’s unique design and technology provides the only solution which allows the iPad 2 to be used as designed. Pong’s unique design ensures that the antenna is exposed at all times keeping transmission power optimized. And Pong’s patented antenna technology spreads and redistributes the electromagnetic radiation, lowering the SAR by up to 95% below the FCC limits.

Thanks to Pong for sending us a case to review. We found it fits all of the iPad generations but are unsure if they fixed this radiation problem with the newest 3rd generation iPad.

Features and Benefits

  • Protect your head and body from unnecessary radiation exposure.
  • The only case available on the market that will preserve your cell signal, and not trigger the iPad 2’s proximity sensor that automatically reduces the transmission power required for a strong signal and connection!
  • Pong’s micro-thin antennae module redistributes electromagnetic radiation, reducing SAR by up to 95% below FCC limits.
  • Reduces Wi-Fi radiation exposure by up to 95%.
  • A soft touch Lexan material that clips firmly to your iPad 2 and is easy to grip, while also being complemented with a soft faux cover that can be configured in multiple ways as a versatile stand.