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Part II: Cleveland Museum of Art – Classical Art & Medieval Armor Court

We were in Cleveland on behalf of Positively Cleveland.

This is a photo intensive post. Click on images below to open a new window for easier viewing.

This is the second part to our tour of the free Cleveland Museum of Art. Click here to see the first part of our visit through ancient and African art. For the second part of our Cleveland Museum of Art tour we made our way up to the next level of art, level 2. I have included just a small fraction of what there is to experience, but these were some of our favorite pieces.

We first started by checking out European Art from 1525-1825 AD. This includes art from every century in between. There is also art from Britain, 1600 – 1870 along with Colonial and Early American Art, 1800 -1925. Included in these collections are elaborate paintings, silverware, statues, rugs, highly decorative furniture, and dishware, to an entire front door and portico, and much more.

The museum also contains a rich collection of paintings, small and large, newer and much older, along with a collection of Faberge and Russian works of art. My pictures do no justice for the Faberge and Art of the Goldsmith, but these can give you an idea. These small intricate pieces were encrusted in jewels and just beautiful.

Cleveland Museum of Art Level 2 Rotunda

Our final area to see in the South Galleries was the Armor Court of European Arms & Armor. This has an extensive collection of armors, crossbows, spears, firearms, and more. It was neat to see what warriors and soldiers of another time wore to save their lives. It was also sad to think how many people had died from those weapons, but that is history.

Courtesy of The Cleveland Leader

We next made our way to the East galleries.


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  1. Rosey on March 18, 2012 at 6:41 am

    Your trip looks so fun!