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One Day When It All Fades Away

The best of friends, the worst of enemies it’s true of most sisters. It’s funny because as I watch my children grow it reminds me of my childhood. My relationship with my sister has never been simple, to put it lightly we’ve been through a lot. I guess we came out of it as best as two young children could.

I started this site long ago for my children, a place to tell them how I feel. A place that was then thrust into the media pr limelight. I didn’t expect that. I never claimed to be a writer but since my childhood writing has been the only place for me to share my feelings. That will not change. That will never change. It will not change today, tomorrow, or the next day. My thoughts and feelings are not going anywhere but here. I do it for them and while I know I have many lessons to learn they’ll learn from them too.

My kids are selfless beings who love mommy no matter what. One day they will read my words and be proud of the woman I will become. One day they will understand why I did this for them. One day when everyone else fades away they will still look at me with pride and admiration like they always have.

My only hope for them is that they can always be forgiving of one another. That they can stay kind to one another. My sister and I have not always been kind to one another and I regret that. I regret for not respecting her as the adult that she is. The very different person and mother that she is.

Some days I want to scream “why don’t you two just get along?”!!! It’s funny because we were the same exact way, the best of friends and the worst of enemies. It’s still true to this day.

One day when it all fades away and all that they have is the family’s they have created I hope they still look to one another with kindness and forgiveness. One day when it all fades away I hope they look back and read these words.

I know they will.


  1. Mami2jcn on March 15, 2012 at 6:27 am

    It feels like my 3 kids fight endlessly but yesterday they were all cuddled together watching TV in bed and I realized they DO love each other. I wish there were more moments like that!

    In light of recent events, I just want to say that your family is all that truly matters. Don’t let the Internet get you down. I’ve had bad things happen to me on the web (I was a member of a forum years ago where I was harassed). I think on the Internet people say a lot harsher things than they would ever say to someone’s face.

    Enjoy the little ones that you have and don’t let others get you down.

  2. Cat Davis on March 14, 2012 at 7:58 pm

    I know they will too!

    I grew up in a love/hate relationship with my sister and it has taken time and maturity to have a relationship.