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My Chatman – Kai’s New Little Reallife Emoticon Buddy

We were provided with a Chatman to help with the review.

My Chatman is a fun little gadget that kids will get a kick out of, our 2 and 6 year old did. It’s an emoticon that has busted free from the computer and has come to keep the kids entertained. When you take him out of his box, it is time to install the software and from there it is fun for the kids.

Chatman is a great little buddy. Kids can set Chatman to a male or female voice and also adjust his or her personality and ask questions and Chatman will reply. You can also program in answers that you want Chatman to reply to your children. Kai decided to make her Chatman a girl and named her Suzy.

My Chatman Emoticon Buddy

Chatman does a lot. He/she can help kids to have fun while chatting with their Chatman. They can also change their Chatmans personality and teach their Chatman how to react to certain questions. And for homework there is a homework teacher under the games and more section. Here they can choose their grade level and learn from their Chatman how to do certain math, language, and science activities. It is not interactive with the Chatman, but provides videos for learning.

7 year old on computer

There are a games and a cinema section under games and more. The games have a wide range to choose from and many different genres to choose from. There are many games to choose from, and Kai has a blast playing through them. And for Kai’s little sister, she enjoys watching Chatman cinema. There is a wide selection of different videos including short clips of Mickey Mouse episodes. And for Kai, she enjoys the how-to videos which include dance moves to drawing different things.

kids on computer

There is also the Chatman image search which controls what images Chatman returns for kids to see. It’s a search bar and returns results appropriate for children. As with any internet surfing, make sure to watch what your kids are doing. Also there is a web search feature monitored by Chatman and will notify any inappropriate material, but again always supervise your kids online.

There is also an option for chatting with friends through Facebook, Gmail, Skype and more, but Kai is still too young for this for now, but may set it up for chatting with the family.

Chatman Girl Scout reminder

Kai does like to set her schedule and have her Chatman remind her of things to do. She has set important dates and even a reminder for walking her dog and doing her homework to her Girl Scout meetings and gymnastics.

And if they get real bored, kids can record their own voice and Chatman will repeat it while being active. They can also download other things that kids have done by logging into Chatman Chitchats. Again, make sure you are supervising your kids. There are also applications to download for your little ones to get even more interactive with their Chatman. These includes songs to sing to, ways to play with Chatman, mimicking Chatman and much more.

But what makes Chatman fun is the ability to teach it. Kids can put in words that they want their Chatman to respond to or funny phrase for Chatman to repeat. These could include happy words that when said, Chatman will respond to make them happy. They can also substitute their own voice for their Chatman for a lot more possibilities.

Currently through mid-April Chatman is on a special sale through Toys R Us at a special Spring Break pricing of $49.99. Click here for the Toys ‘R’ Us deal.


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  1. shelly peterson on April 19, 2012 at 4:37 pm

    What a neat little thing this is, its pretty cute. I like how you can choose it to have a male or female voice. My son for sue would love this. There is so many fun options with this Chatman