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How I Fought And Beat a Monster of a Stain With Clorox 2

clorox bottle window sill

We moved into our new home last fall and after it sitting vacant for over a year it needed a good cleaning. Not because it was dirty or old just because it had sat for a while and if you’ve ever seen a toilet that has just sat for a year it’s rather dirty. In fact, moldy. So we got to cleaning with a powerful tool making sure our new home was completely clean before we all moved in. Using Clorox around our home not only cleans and disinfects after illness but also insures that those pesky bathroom stains don’t stay around too long.

The hardest stain I’ve ever had to get out by far has been in the bathroom, hard water and little use will reek havoc on a toilet. Not only that I have two kiddos and my toddler is quite messy. Clorox is one of those great products for getting stains out of clothing. Some of our best times spent together as a family are also the messiest, from my kiddos first spaghetti dinner to fingerpainting during the hot summer months.

brooklin messy finger paint

Right now Clorox 2 is holding the How I Fought And Beat a Monster of a Stain Contest where Clorox 2 is looking for you to submit your worst stain story from your best time ever . Now through April 20th you can enter the contest!

Three lucky winners will receive play equipment for your own backyard, athletic equipment for your child’s school, plus a year’s supply of Clorox 2 stain-fighting products so you can continue to fight the good fight against those monstrous stains.

Visit clorox2play2day.com for more inspiration, activities, and ideas designed to get kids of all ages up, moving, and every now and then dirty. Even the biggest monsters of stains are no match for Clorox 2 with TripleSolve technology, so get out there and have some fun!


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