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Conventioning with Kids

Depending on what business you’re in and in what capacity you work, it’s likely you may spend a lot of time in convention centers. A lot of us tend to think of convention centers as rather dry, strictly adult-oriented locations without much to offer kids or much need to accommodate them beyond offering offering baby changing stations in both the men’s and women’s restrooms.

Well, there’s some truth to that. It’s not like your local convention center is likely to take the place of Disney World any time soon. However, the kind of conventions that exist have changed a great deal over the last few decades. That’s why more and more venues are being forced to deal with the needs of families with children and make arrangements for them.sisters older holding younger

This is necessary as more and more of these events have a kid-attracting aspect to them. One obvious example is the annual D23 Disney convention held annually in Anaheim, California. While San Diego’s Comic-Con, about 150 miles further south, includes plenty of material that is very decidedly not kid friendly, much of the material there is aimed at young ones and the event traditionally devotes its final day largely to children’s fare. As it is, the hugely popular convention has been providing child care on site for some time. Even business conventions that are entirely for adults often make accommodations so that conventioneers can bring children along.

Even so, there are a few common sense steps to take if you find yourself taking the kids to a convention of one sort or another. Naturally, for very small children you’ll want to take plenty of diapers to use at those usually easy to find baby changing stations. You may also want to consider bringing along conveniently sized snacks or drinks. Convention center food prices tend to be the other side of unreasonable and lines for food can be ridiculously long.

Also, be aware that little kids in particular can be easily spooked by large crowds, so be prepared to deal with that issue. This can be exacerbated at events where some people are in costumes which young ones might find frightening. A three year old might not understand that the guy inside the Darth Vader costume is most likely as harmless as an Ewok.

Have you ever thought about taking your kids to a convention?