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Buying For Baby: Britax Baby Carrier

In the summer months we do a lot of hiking with our family, it’s also nice when we’re out and about to keep my kiddos close. Thanks to Britax we recently had a chance to review a Britax Baby Carrier.  Since I don’t have an infant quite yet to put in the carrier I used an American Girl doll which is incredibly life sized.

The Britax Baby Carrier also features the CarryLong System, which reduces the risk of back and shoulder strain during extended wear by distributing weight across the shoulders, back and hips. Which means it’s perfect for those hikes we love to do during the summer. This carrier also allows you to face your baby inward towards you or outward to face the world, and accommodates infants from eight pounds to toddlers up to 32 pounds.

Features We Love:

  • For infants there is the Removable Infant Insert which ensures a comfortable, natural sitting position for smaller babies.
  • padded leg openings help protect baby’s legs.
  • Easy buckles and adjustments allow for easy on and off.
  • Excess belt bands allow you to easily roll up the loose belt and store it nicely. (love this feature!)
  • Washable and removable bib helps protect the carrier from stains.
  • Adjustable head support is great for small infants.
  • Multiple Carrying Positions offer versatility to face baby inward or outward. Great as baby gets older!
  • 100% machine washable!

I also liked that there are directions located right inside the straps and honestly wearing it was so comfortable. I can easily see my husband or I using this carrier comfortably. The ability to grow with my baby is also something I can appreciate and am looking forward to using this carrier long into the future.


  1. Amanda on May 23, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    awesome carrier!

  2. shelly peterson on April 21, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    Another great product from Britax, this has so many great features. My daughter goes on walks a lot too so this would be perfect for her and her baby.