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FUNdraising Krispy Kreme Style

Fundraising with Krispy Kreme is a great way to make some cash to help something that needs help. For instance, maybe there is a local charity, or a baseball or soccer team that needs gear, or a church group who needs to raise some money to help their causes, regardless Krispy Kreme makes it easy to help. This has been helping people for decades and raised over $30 million last year. Check out some of the great and amazing Krispy Kreme fundraising stories.

krispy kreme fund raising doughnut box

Krispy Kreme will provide fundraising doughnuts at half the cost (even more with the more doughnuts sold) allowing the fundraisers to sell their doughnuts at a profit of 100%. Think about the funds that can be raised. For instance if your group sells 300 dozens, that is a $4.00 profit per dozen which would be a total fundraising of $1,200. If that is too big of a goal to set, even selling 50 dozens has the potential to raise $175. Regardless of your situation the opportunity is high and who wouldn’t eat doughnuts to support a good cause?

Krispy Kreme Fundraising chart ways toThere are other options for fundraising which include Partnership Cards. These cards allow give a free dozen of Original Glazed doughnuts when you purchase one dozen of original glazed. Each card is valid for 10 FREE dozens (limit 3 free dozen per day).

Fundraising Certificates are a great way to sell dozens and make that 100% profit without having to physically carry a huge stack of doughnuts.

Fundraising with Doughnuts and Coffee

There is also the option of fundraising using the Krispy Kreme Signature Coffees. The Cost is $6 which is then to be sold at $9. They come in pre-grinded freshly packed 12oz bags and are a great compliment to any doughnut fundraising event.

The easiest way to fund raise is with the Original Glazed doughnuts, but there is also the availability to choose from 4 other options including the chocolate iced, lemon filled, raspberry filled, and Kreme filled doughnut but is limited to one variety per box.

One of the best ways to setup sales is through pre-sales. By getting friends, neighbors, family, and anyone else to help, placing your order and delivering it is easy and fast. It is all setup to make the delivery of fresh doughnuts the outcome. Not only is this a service to your cause, but a service to the person helping you! It’s a win for all.

Do you have any tips for successful fundraising?

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  1. lisa l on February 4, 2012 at 11:34 am

    They don’t ship donuts and there is no store near me. I am sad because I know what I am missing.