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VTech Catch-Me-Kitty

vtech catch-me-kitty baby toy

I can hardly believe that here soon we will be adding another child to our family. It’ll seem like only a blink and the baby will be Brooklin’s age and I’ll be complaining about all the trouble of toddlerhood. Of course before all that happens we have to prepare for another baby. Brooklin was only a few months old when she started playing with toys and while infant toys are always nice to have around I want toys that will grow with my child. It’s probably the most important thing I think about when buying a toy for my children.

VTech recently contacted me and wanted to send the new baby a Catch-Me-Kitty. “Catch me if you can!” The Catch-Me-Kitty electronic learning toy by VTech invites your baby to a game of chase through sounds and movement and also teaches while your little one is on the move.

This adorable kitten moves and scoots across the floor encouraging your child to chase it. As your child approaches the kitten, a sensor knows your child is near and the cat reacts with sounds and motion. This fun electronic learning toy has three shape buttons that help your child develop motor skills, and with its motion, sound, and teaching capabilities, the Catch-Me-Kitty is the purr-fect toy for your baby and since it is meant for ages 12-36 months my Brooklin already loves it and we can pass it along to the baby when the time comes. Perfect for babies and toddlers a moms dream!!

On sale now for $14.99!!