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Our Day at Knott’s Berry Farm Amusement Park

Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California is much more than just an amusement park. Its is a fun place that the whole family can actually enjoy. Little ones such as toddlers have a wide range of options and adults can get out adrenaline really pumping.

Knotts Berry Farm View of the Wind Seeker

Besides the rides when your little one(s) gets bored of rides there are plenty of things to see, touch, and do. When we visited Southern California this last summer of 2011 we did not have our kids in tow, but we both know if we did they would have had a blast along with us, but we would have needed more than 2 days at least.

Boothill Cemetary Knotts Berry Farm

We spent the whole day at Knott’s, from open to dusk and took advantage of as many rides as we could. We did the Boomerang which is a fun little coaster that shoots you in a few loops at fast speeds. The Pony Express is a fun quick ride where you are positioned on a horse giving you a free feeling of riding a fast race horse around a wild track.

Montezooma’s Revenge is a simple yet fast coaster shooting trill seekers 0-55 mph in just 3 seconds through a loop and up a large incline then dropped backwards to experience it all again, minus the quick launch.

Silver Bullet ride at Knotts Berry Farm

Ghostrider is a huge wooden coaster that is a very rugged ride with speed, drops, and thrill. It is one of the tallest and at 4,533 feet long, one of the longest wood roller coasters in the world.

View of Knotts Berry Farm from Bigfoot Rapids

We enjoyed the Sierra Sidewinder even though it was for kids, it was still fun to get started. The Silver Bullet got us coming back for more many time mores with its size speed and freedom of being stead, but also extreme loops, drops, climbs, and everything I wanted. Xcelerator is one that Kristin did not try and one I wish I would have gone one at least one more time, and the roller coaster that finally got me over my anxiety of roller coasters. It shoots the riders 82 mph up 208 ft then drops them back to earth through coaster fun. I had to push myself to do this once since there were kids 1/3 my age doing it and do not regret it.

We also rode La Revolucion which is a giant rotating swing that was a major thrill. Bigfoot Rapids is a typical lazy river with rapids. I like water rides a lot but the weather was a little too cool for me and I did not feel like getting wet.

Posing with Cowboys outside Ghosttown Shop Knotts Berry FarmAnother major thrill ride that is a little hard for me to pull myself up to is the Windseeker. This is a massive rotating swing that puts the riders 300 ft into the air well above the rest of SoCal. From the ground it would be very hard to be able to even make out someone’s reaction on the ride.

Xcelerator and Timber Mountain Log Ride Knotts Berry FarmWe also made a stop in the Ghost town to watch the blacksmith, and western reenactment, and to get a few beers and some glasses of wine. There is plenty of food around the park with many themes and variety to choose from. We got a PINK’S Original Hot Dog which has a restaurant outside the front gates. There is also plenty of options for food and snacks out front of the park. However for dinner, Kristin insisted we eat at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant and it was great.

General Blacksmith Really at Work in Knotss Berry FarmWe did have a chance to visit the Orange County Soak City Water Park situated across the way, but unfortunately the weather was only in the high 70’s and like I said I am a weak individual when it comes to weather and swimming. We were going to check out the Knott’s Soak City in Palm Springs, but ended up running out of time during our vacation to Southern California. Maybe next time.


We were provided with free admission compliments of Knott’s Berry Farm.

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  1. Diana Castro on January 7, 2012 at 9:31 pm

    Our son leaves in Calif I think on the next visit this would be a nice place for family time thanks