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Microsoft Touch Mouse – Great Accessory for Windows 7 #WindowsChampions

The Windows Touch Mouse made exclusively for Windows 7 is a sleek piece of hardware. This is not your conventional click mouse because it has a integrated touch pad on the buttons. This is nice since the track wheel begins to annoy my fingertip after time.

This is helpful when you are sorting through documents and need to move around without clicking on the scroll bars and buttons. You can use one finger to scroll around like a touch pad. You can use 2 fingers to snap 2 windows side-by-side and finally you can use 3 fingers to bring up all your windows instantly to choose from what you need by then using the touchpad feature. On Windows Vista only the one finger function works and it replaces the track wheel function. Windows 7 is where this thing really becomes what it was made for.

This really is a great idea and the mouse works for other versions of windows (make sure to see if your system works). I use it in between our Windows Vista laptop and Windows 7 laptop. It uses 2 AA batteries and has a small micro transceiver.

Thanks to the folks at Microsoft who joined forces a few years ago to create this technology.

We were provided with a Microsoft Touch Mouse for review and to use. Also as a brand ambassador for Windows we use and love their products.


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