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Meet American Girl Mckenna – American Girl’s 2012 Girl of the Year!

I recently wrote about Kai’s triumph this year and just as she’s overcoming something American Girl’s new 2012 Girl of the Year, american girl Mckenna. Her story is all about using your strengths to turn challenges into triumphs. McKenna’s story is about a girl who loves gymnastics.mckenna american girl doll 6 year old with

My six year old got her hands on one of the very first dolls thanks to American Girl and was so happy when she started reading her books. As a gymnast herself with challenges of her own I think my daughter can relate. That’s exactly what makes the American Girl Girl of the Year so very special. McKenna’s story will not only inspire my daughter to set goals and achieve them and show her positive values in believing in herself.

mckenna brooks american girl bed crutches

Who is McKenna Brooks American Girl Doll

  • Who she is: a determined girl who uses her strengths to turn challenges into triumphs.
  • What she loves to do: practice and perform her gymnastics routines.
  • Her friends: her gymnastics teammates Toulane and Sierra; and her tutor, Josie.
  • What changes her life: She can’t keep up with her grade’s reading level, so she must get extra help at school.
  • Proudest moment: Taking it one page at a time, she finishes a long book in one week” and enjoys it.
  • What she discovers: The same skills that make her a good gymnast can springboard her to success in school.

McKenna has always done well in school and in gymnastics, but when she starts fourth grade, school suddenly feels really hard. When her teacher suggest she get a tutor, McKenna is horrified until she gets to know her tutor, Josie, who is super smart and confident, and who also happens to be in a wheelchair.american girl McKenna book

With Josie’s help, McKenna’s confidence grows, but she can’t bring herself to tell her friends that she’s being tutored. When they discover her secret, they’re hurt and angry. Then something goes wrong at the gym that sidelines McKenna. Will she find her way back to the sport she loves? And will her friendships ever be the same again?

You can now buy the McKenna doll, accessories and books at American Girl.


  1. Rissi on January 9, 2012 at 2:49 pm

    This doll is so cute – when I got my catalog with her on the cover, I thought she was the cutest “Girl of the Year” yet. Of course, I probably say that with each new doll. =D I only have Nikki from this line (“Girl of the Year”) but I am quite tempted to get McKenna… and Rebecca… and Marie-Grace! They are just such a beautiful line of dolls.

  2. Amanda on January 1, 2012 at 6:40 pm

    The girls are so excited for this doll. I can see how girls can relate to her and she is an awesome Girl of the Year!

    and McKenna is perfect for Kaila!