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Dead Poets Society Remade for Blu-Ray

Dead Poets Society, directed by Peter Wier, is a 1989 classic that really will make one think and reconsider how we are taught what we know.

For generations, the students of Welton Academy have been raised and brought up to live their lives in conformity and tradition. In 1959 a new professor John Keating joins the school all while the students are having their own thoughts on life and learning and their long term future goals.

Professor Keating starts to pushes them to think for themselves by living life to its fullest and enjoy time now, “carpe diem.” The students enjoy this new approach but the faculty does not approve and eventual tragedy comes over the school. This is a really awakening moment where the students and their perspectives on what is going on around them begin to come about. The tragedy is that Keating is fired but the students come to his side and defense.

This is a great old-school Robin Williams movie and being remade for blu-ray gives another reason to watch it again, exsept in enhanced high definition picture and sound. It is always interesting to look back on our history and this is one of those films that is a great movie to do just that. The blu-ray version features interviews, raw takes, audio commentary, and more.

We were provided with a free copy of Dead Poets Society in blu-ray format from Disney Studios.

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