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Start The Year With Healthy Habits For Kids – GoalForIt.com

its a dream until you write it down, and then its a goal for itAs the new year begins I’m not only thinking about goals for myself. As a parent I’m always trying to give my girls my best and help them do their best. With Kaila being older now we’ve started talking about setting her own goals. Having your children make goals is not only helpful but it’s a healthy way to teach your children to set goals and to attain them.

Kaila is starting to spend more and more time online playing games and looking up things she’s interesting in. I love the idea of this Chore Chart from GoalForIt.com. Goal For It has your kids set a goal and work to attain those goals. I will admit I often do my daughters chores for her but now that she’s getting older it’s important that she does them on her own and that’s where the chore chart comes in handy.

Benefits to the kids chore chart:

  • Teach kids about responsibility in a fun, positive and visually engaging way they’ll absolutely love
  • Easily create a personalized Chart in minutes
  • Chore Charts can be either used online or printed off
  • Create an optional reward system for additional positive reinforcement that allows kids to earn points while they learn
  • It’s FREE!

This year Kaila has a few goals and I hope that with a chart and some encouragement she can meet all of her goals. Having sites like Goal For It that give parents free content to help their children is simply a joy.

This is a compensated review.